We’ll schedule your maternity session in the 32-36 week range.  This is the time that the belly is nice and round, but you’re not too uncomfortable to move around yet (hopefully!).

Most of our clients choose to schedule thier maternity sessions to be on-location, but I do offer studio options, as well.  On-location/outdoor shots have a very different feel from indoor/studio shots.  Outdoor we get a much more relaxed/casual feel while indoors tend to be a bit more dramatic and revealing (though we can keep these fairly casual, as well).

For indoor/studio sessions I recommend simplicity in what you choose to wear…yoga pants, a simple black or white top, a solid cami, an oversized men’s shirt…you get the idea.  Simple is best for this.  For on-location photos we can get a bit more wild.  Accessories are great for these types of photos…chunky jewelery, scarves, sunglasses.  Dresses with an empire waist are great to show off the round belly.  Layers are great.  A skinny belt just above the belly is a great way to emphasize your pregnant curves and ensure you look your best!  A simple top and jeans works well, too.  Just be sure that your top shows off your belly rather than hiding it!  These are all just my random thoughts and pieces of advice when choosing your clothing for your session…take it or leave it!



WHEN?  We’ll schedule your newborn session to take place within the first two weeks after your little one is born.  Since births can be unpredictable I’ll put your due date on my calendar when you book your session and we’ll schedule the session after your little one makes his/her debut!  I do recommend booking your session early…I’m only able to accept a limited number of newborns each month and getting your due date on my calendar is the best way to ensure that I’ll be available when it’s time!

WHERE?  I’ll come to you or you can come to me…whichever you prefer!  We have an in-home studio space in Boise if you’d like to come to us (recommended for optimal light and full use of props).  Or, if you’d rather that I come to your home for the session I’ll just need some space in a room with plenty of natural light.  Be prepared…I’ll probably move furniture around for space…but don’t worry, I’ll move it back!  (Travel fees apply outside of the greater Boise area)

WHAT?  For a full newborn session, plan for 4 hours and plan on 2 hours for a mini newborn session.  Though I may work through your session much quicker than this…you just never know!  We’re at the mercy of your little one, so we’ll take breaks for rocking and feeding as we need to.  I also keep the room that we’ll be shooting in nice and warm to keep the little one comfy…so if you come to me be sure to dress lightly or in layers and if I’m coming to your home I ask that you turn the heat up a bit in that area of the house (or turn the a/c off depending on the time of year).  Though your little one does sleep most of the day, they are not used to being picked up and moved around as much as they will be during the session…so it’s likely that they will wake and feed more often than you’re used to during their typical day.  Plan to feed more than is typical.  The best way to get them into a deep sleep is to get them ‘milk drunk.’  Full belly = happy baby.  Most of the photos that I do of your newborn will be in their birthday suit.  Yes, this means that I’ll be doing plenty of laundry on the various blankets and wraps that we’ll use…I don’t mind at all.  I have lots of hats, headbands, and props that we’ll use for your photos, but if you have something specific that is special to you feel free to bring it along and we’ll work it in as we can.

WHY?  The newborn stage in life is the most fleeting of all stages that children go through…and in my opinion is the most precious!  You only have a short time to enjoy and see the peaceful, curled up behavior of a newborn…and there is really nothing like that new love of a new babe!



We have newborn session packages starting at $600.  Shoot us an email or give us a call for detailed pricing information!

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