Will we receive digital copies of our wedding photos?

Yes…we include digitals with all of our weddings.  This differs from our approach to digitals with our portrait sessions, but with weddings I think digitals make a great addition to your experience.  We take a lot of photos throughout the day and they are all photos that you’ll want to have and treasure…but I understand that they won’t all be printed for a wall display or fit into the wedding album…so having the digitals is a great way to keep those memories.  PLEASE be careful with your digitals…these images are important to keep safe to pass down to your kids and their kids…keep the files upgraded as technology changes and be sure to keep a copy in a safe place!  We provide all of our clients with two copies of their digitals…one on a thumb drive and one on disc…so that one copy can always be kept in a fireproof safe and one copy can be somewhere with easier access.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes!  We love to travel!  In addition to weddings that we’ve shot in various parts of Idaho we have also shot in Wyoming, Arizona, and Ontario, Canada.  Another travel question that we often get is from couples that are getting married in Boise but live elsewhere:  are we able to travel to them for their engagement photos?  I love the idea of doing your engagement photos at a location that is special and meaningful to you as a couple…sometimes that means the place you currently live, sometimes that means a place that you first met…either way we would love to travel to you for your engagement photos.  Travel fees apply for both destination weddings and engagements.  [Keep in mind for engagement photos that it may be more convenient and less expensive to pay travel fees for one photographer than for the two of you…just food for thought.]

Do you have any tips or advice for us as we plan our wedding?

Yes!  Though every wedding is different and details will be different…I still love to pass along little tips that I pick up on through the many weddings that we attend each year!  Check out our blog (there is a link in the menu above) and search for ‘wedding tips’.  I have an on-going series of posts outlining little things that help the day run smoothly.  Any questions about a specific venue or vendor??  Just ask!  We may or may not have insight to pass along!  Also, here are some links to a few of my favorite articles that may start you thinking about a few things with your own wedding day:

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Do you offer other colors or patterned backdrops for PartyBooth?

Sure!  We have a few other patterns available at no additional cost and can arrange some great patterns for an additional fee.  Just let us know if you’re interested in more information on this!

Are you up to date on your immunizations and boosters?

Yes!  Something that is very important when working in such close proximity to tiny newborns!

Do you offer registry services that I can pass along to baby/bridal shower guests?

Yes!  Once you’ve booked your session we can set up a complimentary online registry for you to pass along to friends/family that would like to be involved in giving you the gift of memories of your babe’s first days!  In order for registries to be as flexible as possible for both you and your guests, we are currently offering this registry service in the form of gift certificates rather than specific prints/products.  We’ve found that this is ultimately easiest for everyone involved!  If you’re interested in hearing more about this…just ask and we’ll pass along a link to a sample registry so that you can see what your guests would see if you chose to go this route!


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