Engagement photo season is upon us!  Each year as the weather starts to warm up we venture out with our summer wedding clients…not only to capture some engagement photo before the wedding chaos ensues…but also to get to know them a bit better before the big day!  We had so much fun wandering around SE Boise (and getting lost at one point) with Shanel and Darin!  Any couple that will join us for beers after a session is a winning combo in our book!  We’re expecting a fun filled wedding and a crazy reception to follow!!

Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1000Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1010Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1019Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1015Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1021Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1024Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1027Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1028Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1039Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1040Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1045Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1047Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1051Shanel & Darin Engagement WEB SIZED-1056

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We hope that everyone enjoys their Valentine’s Day weekend with the ones you love!  Thought we’d share a few quick photos of our little Valentine!


Look 1:  All Gap Onesie | Sweater | Gap Bubble Shorts (old line) | Tights | Bow Flats

Look 2:  Gap Dress | Gap Mary Janes

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I know that we say this every year, but 2014 has been quite a year for us!  We’re feeling pretty lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful family, friends, and of course….our awesome clients!  We’ve enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and getting re-acquainted with some old friends that we got back in touch with through weddings and newborns!  Wedding season 2014 took us to Bend, OR, Homer, AK, and all over the Treasure Valley.  It was fun to go back and look through our photos from the past year and we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!  As usual, we’ll be posting our ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘blooper’ post soon, also…but for now enjoy some of our favorites from the year!

IMG_2305[1]Grayson-2003webBoise Newborn Photographer Grayson-2023Boise Newborn Photographer Grayson-2043Grayson Nursery Web Sized-10009Grayson Nursery Web Sized-10006Grayson Nursery Web Sized-10015Boise Baby Lifestyle Photographer Finley 01Boise Baby Lifestyle Photographer Finley 02Boise Real Estate Photogapher Featherville Cabin 01Boise Real Estate Photogapher Featherville Cabin 06Boise Real Estate Photogapher Featherville Cabin 09Boise Real Estate Photogapher Featherville Cabin 12Boise Lifestyle Maternity Photographer-1007Boise Lifestyle Maternity Photographer-1020Boise Lifestyle Maternity Photographer-1022Jude Web Sized Image-1010Jude Web Sized Image-1026Jude Web Sized Image-1027Jude Web Sized Image-1033Jude Web Sized Image-1034Jude Web Sized Image-1039Aurelia Web Sized File-1021Aurelia Web Sized File-1043Aurelia Web Sized File-1055Finley-40324webFinley-40339webprom14-1005prom14-1013prom14-1023Sunriver Resort Oregon Boise Wedding Photographer-1001Sunriver Resort Oregon Boise Wedding Photographer-1011Sunriver Resort Oregon Boise Wedding Photographer-1037Sunriver Resort Oregon Boise Wedding Photographer-1025Sunriver Resort Oregon Boise Wedding Photographer-1056Sunriver Resort Oregon Boise Wedding Photographer-1060Sunriver Resort Oregon Boise Wedding Photographer-1061Sunriver Resort Oregon Boise Wedding Photographer-1090Sunriver Resort Oregon Boise Wedding Photographer-1096Sunriver Resort Oregon Boise Wedding Photographer-1101JessieJustin Web Sized-1005JessieJustin Web Sized-1008JessieJustin Web Sized-1028JessieJustin Web Sized-1067JessieJustin Web Sized-1072Finley-50606web(pp_w890_h593)Finley-60202web(pp_w890_h593)Finley-60107web(pp_w890_h593)DRblog-1017boise wedding engagement idaho-1056boise wedding engagement idaho-1133boise wedding engagement idaho-1138boise wedding engagement idaho-1141Caitlin-1003web sizedCaitlin-1015web sizedBoise Train Depot Wedding Photographer-1007Boise Train Depot Wedding Photographer-1014Boise Train Depot Wedding Photographer-1016Boise Train Depot Wedding Photographer-1024Boise Train Depot Wedding Photographer-1038Boise Train Depot Wedding Photographer-1040Boise Train Depot Wedding Photographer-1050Boise Train Depot Wedding Photographer-1051Mitch Kirby PartyBooth web sized-1013Camping-Themed-Baby-Shower-10001(pp_w890_h593)Camping-Themed-Baby-Shower-1003(pp_w890_h593)Camping-Themed-Baby-Shower-1004(pp_w890_h1335)Boise Eagle Island Wedding Photographer Dan Jenny-1010Dan Jenny-2034webBoise Eagle Island Wedding Photographer Dan Jenny-1023Boise Eagle Island Wedding Photographer Dan Jenny-1024Boise Eagle Island Wedding Photographer Dan Jenny-1050Boise Eagle Island Wedding Photographer Dan Jenny-1061Boise Eagle Island Wedding Photographer Dan Jenny-1066Dan Jenny-101webCopsey-1003 McCall Boise PhotographerCopsey-1048 Boise McCall PhotographerCopsey-1090 McCall Boise PhotographerCopsey-1099 McCall Boise PhotographerCopsey-1176 McCall Boise PhotographerSam-1000webSam-1001webLakelan-100webLakelan-101webLakelan-106webBoise Newborn Photographer 01Lakelan-1054webDan Jenny-2034webDan Jenny-101webJustinJessie Blog-1002JustinJessie Blog-1014JustinJessie Blog-1047JustinJessie Blog-1048JustinJessie Blog-1052Whitney-11007Whitney-11010Whitney-11014Watson Maternity BLOG-1010Watson Maternity BLOG-1019Watson Maternity BLOG-1028Homer Sunrise 2014 WEB SIZED-1001Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-1002Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-1008Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-1010Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-1021Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-1027Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-1029Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-1046Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-1042Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-1075Jeff Heather WEB SIZED-6205Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-1077Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-1086Homer Alaska Second Star Wedding Photographer-2002palmer-2000palmer-2004palmer-2008palmer-2011hall-6006hall-6031hall-6032hall-6043hall-6044MA-6010MA-6020MA-6042MA-6043MA-6038MA-6054MA-6046Jane-2008_2webJane Newborn-1000webJane Newborn-1009WEBJane Newborn-1051WEBJane Newborn-1063WEBFinley-11609webFinley-11610webCorta Family 2014 WEB SIZED-1030Corta Family 2014 WEB SIZED-1021Corta Family 2014 WEB SIZED-1060Corta Family 2014 WEB SIZED-1079Finley-13100WEB

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We have done photo sessions in the past for this family and we always look forward to updating their photos as their family grows.  With their infamous smiles, this photogenic family is always a pleasure to work with.  Thanks for the wonderful session and we hope you enjoy the photos.


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It is always a great time shooting a wedding for some good friends. I first met Dustin when he joined our fire crew down in Hammett Guard Station and I can honestly say that some of my most memorable experiences on the fire crew involve Dustin. He has been a great friend and is one of the most loyal people I know. I was introduced to Robynn when she started dating Dustin and knew immediately that she was a perfect fit for him. Like I said at the wedding, not only is she smart and beautiful…she is the only person I know to have pet Dustin’s cat and walk away with her arm intact. I could not be happier for the both of you and I really appreciate being given the opportunity to unite you in marriage. Thanks again for being such great friends and Kelly and I hope you enjoy your photos!


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