I think when I was planning my own wedding the thing that I spent the most time browsing online for were the perfect bridesmaid dresses!  I had a clear vision of what I wanted and couldn’t find it anywhere!  (My bridesmaids were in a charcoal gray color dress…I know these are extremely popular and easy to find now…but I must have been ahead of the curve 4 years ago because I had the hardest time finding them!)  The thing that was hardest for me was that I knew I didn’t want to go to a traditional bridal shop for my bridesmaid dresses.  I didn’t want to overspend on something that was not going to be worn again!  Don’t get me wrong…dresses from these shops are gorgeous and convenient…but if you’re like me and not totally crazy about the idea, there are alternatives!  A lot of my favorite online shops are now carrying a bridal line…and there are a lot of online shops that offer dresses that work wonderfully as bridesmaid dresses (at a fraction of the price tag and often with a lot more style).  Many of the shops mentioned below carry bridal dresses, as well…I know that online shopping for a wedding dress is fairly anti-climactic (ok…uber anti-climactic), but these shops offer a style of dress that you don’t find at many bridal shops…so if you’re looking for something unique, check them out!


Ruche is one of my favorite online shops to browse for vintage-inspired clothing and accessories!


Who doesn’t love Anthropologie, right?  (OK…it may not be everyone’s style, but I think everyone can appreciate it!)  BHLDN is the bridal off-shoot of Anthropologie…and the caliber of design work is exactly what you’d expect!  Their bridal line is very vintage inspired with lots of soft, neutral tones.  I’m dying over some of the gorgeous wedding gowns that just make me dream of the 20′s!  In fact…I think if someone were to buy one of these dresses I may consider shooting their wedding for free!  Although I’m not quite sure Stehvn would be on board with that……


I don’t think it’s much of a secret that J Crew has a gorgeous wedding line!  They have been around for quite some time and their bridesmaid dresses are one of the more popular lines that I’ve seen!  Colors, Materials, and Styles to boot.


I love browsing Sosie every now and then.  It makes me feel young.  Their clothes are very trendy and adorable!  Some of these dresses would make great bridesmaid dresses for a young, trendy bride!  Step aside, formal wear…and let the party begin.


I’ll warn you…it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed looking through this site.  Mainly because of the sheer volume of items that they have for sale!  Seriously I think you could spend a full afternoon and not see it all.  This is also the main reason I’m including it in this list.  Because they have so many dresses, this also means that they have a bit of a variety.  Some are fancier with a higher price tag, some are more casual and trendy, while others are vintage inspired.  If you have something specific in mind and can’t find it elsewhere you ought to check here!


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We inevitably end up with some outtakes from every wedding and shoot that we do.  Unfortunately the majority of these are extras of ourselves when we’re either setting up the next shot or photo bombing each other to make last second adjustments to the photo…stray hairs, etc.


2013 BTS-1000
2013 BTS-1001
2013 BTS-1004
2013 BTS-1006
2013 BTS-1008
2013 BTS-1009
2013 BTS-1010
2013 BTS-1011
2013 BTS-1014
2013 BTS-1016
2013 BTS-1021
2013 BTS-1024

And the photo bomb of the year award goes to this guy at Lisa & Dane’s wedding:



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I still can’t believe we’re already wrapping up 2013 and moving into 2014!  We feel so fortunate that 2013 was so great to us, both professionally and personally.  We both grew a lot with our photography and were fortunate enough to shoot some gorgeous weddings, couples and newborns!  We were also blessed with a little girl, Finley, in November that has us feeling like the luckiest couple in the world.  As the year comes to a close I wanted to go back and highlight some of our favorite photos from the year.


2013 Boise Photographer 10
2013 Boise Photographer 27
2013 Boise Photographer 06
2013 Boise Photographer 07
2013 Boise Photographer 03
2013 Boise Photographer 04
2013 Boise Photographer 02
2013 Boise Photographer 01
2013 Boise Photographer 09
2013 Boise Photographer 05
2013 Boise Photographer 11
2013 Boise Photographer 28
2013 Boise Photographer 13
2013 Boise Photographer 14
2013 Boise Photographer 15
2013 Boise Photographer 16
2013 Boise Photographer 29
2013 Boise Photographer 30
2013 Boise Photographer 17
2013 Boise Photographer 18
2013 Boise Photographer 23
2013 Boise Photographer 24
2013 Boise Photographer 25
2013 Boise Photographer 26
2013 Boise Photographer 32
2013 Boise Photographer 19
2013 Boise Photographer 20
2013 Boise Photographer 21
2013 Boise Photographer 22
2013 Boise Photographer 34
2013 Boise Photographer 31
Boise Wedding Engagement Photogrpaher

And we can’t forget our biggest highlight of the year…the arrival of our little girl, Finley!

Tesar Maternity-1018web
Tesar Maternity-1074web
Tesar Maternity-1092web
Christmas 2013 web-1000
Finley 1 Month-3013web

A big thank you to all of our clients from this past year!!

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  • Rose

    You guys are one of kind and AWESOME photographers…I still look at Angelina’s pictures from her wedding in 2012 and can’t believe the vision you had that turned into wonderful captured memories and it was worth every dime…thank you. Happy 2014 to you and yours!!!ReplyCancel

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    I’m impressed by the photos. That silhouette with the umbrella is pretty cool.ReplyCancel

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