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Stehvn & I (Kelly) make up the husband and wife duo that is Tesar Photography.  Since our own wedding (and even more so in the past few years) we’ve have focused our creative efforts toward wedding photography…working together to capture every detail of the day and creating a story through photos that can be told and re-told throughout the years to come for each couple that comes our way!  I’m the organized one with attention to detail.  Stehvn is great with people and can command the attention of a large group pretty easily (maybe this is because he is a high school teacher and does this everyday…or maybe it’s because he’s 6’6″ and nobody wants to talk back to him…I’ll let you decide).  I dreamed of weddings from the time I was the little girl standing in the checkout line with my mom at the grocery store…crying because my mom wouldn’t buy me ANOTHER bridal magazine.  Stehvn likes parties and dancing.  Are you getting a clear picture of how we operate? These differing talents and personalities are great to have all of the bases covered when wedding day rolls around!

In addition to weddings, I also specialize in newborn photography.  I’m on the younger end of a lot of cousins…and there was always a steady stream of babies to snuggle when I was growing up.  As soon as I got into photography I knew that there were two fields that I wanted to delve into…weddings and newborns!  Two of my most favorite times in life to witness and capture.  Both fleeting moments that you never want to forget…both utterly joyful times [although one allows for a lot more sleep than the other :)].  I’m just going to take this opportunity to clarify one thing.  When people hear that I’m a newborn photographer they always ask if I have the patience of a saint.  Do I?  Ha.  Good one.  Why don’t you ask Stehvn how patient I am and see what he says!  I think that newborn photography takes a certain kind of patience that I DO have and most people don’t…patience to wait in line…or organizing a large group…or even waiting for a web page to load…those are the types of patience that I DON’T have.  Patience for an adorable little newborn…absolutely!

We’re based in Boise, Idaho…and we love to travel!  We’ve been commissioned for weddings and portrait sessions all over the US and even in Canada…and we LOVE the opportunity to travel and shoot in a new area!  Although our main areas of focus and the majority of our work revolves around weddings and newborns, we do occasionally offer portrait sessions and commercial/real estate work.  Check out our galleries for more samples of these types of work.  Though we can’t guarantee room in our schedule for portrait sessions all year, we do occasionally have slots open, so shoot us an email or give us a call to inquire if you’re interested!

Thanks for checking out our site!  Hope to hear from you soon!


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